Debut solo single by Anthony Mehed

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On My Own is the debut single from artist and songwriter Anthony Mehed. Complete with an accompanying lyric video, the track fuses melody and rap alongside of a descending chord progression that comes through in the form of an uplifting, synth-driven soundscape with a wonderful sense of lightness about it..

The song is one that admittedly hits with a little more impact the second and third times you hear it. There are some distinctly memorable traits about the whole thing that let it linger in your subconscious mind, providing a subtle ear-worm of sorts. These include the song’s hook, this underlying concept of being alone – doing it for yourself, working hard through struggle to find positivity and go your own way. The musical soundscape in full offers plenty in the way of character and identity – working in unison with the song’s key melody to make sure you remember it all. The song has a great hook, this is what you’re likely to take away from it each time it reappears in your playlist.

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Structurally the track seems to follow its own rules, there are hints of influence but it’s Anthony Mehed’s own sound that seems to stand the tallest. To begin with, the piece is fairly minimalist – the lyrics spell the story-line out for you, there’s space and a certain sense of anticipation. Later on, things evolve in a natural way, the intensity rises and so the performance switches to more of a rap at the height of that passion. The instrumentation grows more colourful and a little heavier in unison with this change.

As stated, the first time you hear this you perhaps notice the unique vocals, the accent, and the unusual arrangement of the lines – the melody and the rhythm of the vocal delivery don’t follow the standard pathways of something solid or rhythmically addictive. However, the later sections undoubtedly do seek to satisfy and capture your affection in a classically strong way. This intensifies with every new listen. The song weaves its way into your head space without you realizing, and that works hugely in the artist’s favour. The passion he has and the crisp, skillful finish on this release makes it a bold debut and a strong indication that things will continue to pour through from Anthony Mehed.

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